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halfbonesiksura asked: Wait, is there a chance that GF will stay on Disney instead of XD? I've read conflicting reports about it. I really hope it isn't moved - it could potentially be a ratings killer :/

~~~anything can happen~~~

Disney probably thinks a highly rated show like Gravity Falls will help viewership/ratings over on shitty XD, when you’re right, it would probably only hurt ratings of the show overall. Disney has so much money and power though that they don’t tend to make decisions that make logical sense.

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Gravity Falls has officially been moved to Disney XD! Time to wallow in sorrow rejoice! For new shorts are coming with it! Starting next Monday, Gravity Falls is airing 4 new shorts 4 nights in a row after regular Gravity Falls episodes. Be sure to tune in to check out the various television shows within Gravity Falls and see what Soos is fixing! And be sure to make sure that you get Disney XD so that you can watch Gravity Falls first when Season 2 begins airing this summer!

WHINES. WHIIIINES. i feel like this is a downgrade.

It may not have moved completely … stuff is still developing!




What the hell is this Nintendo WHAT THE HELL IS THIS oh my god

watch the whole thing. THE WHOLE THING.

this is the company to which i throw my everlasting allegiance and devotion

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Let’s show up uninvited to a public place! #anarchy

2001 is sacred

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